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E-BOOK: The Way of Dreams and Visions
The Handbook for the FREE Dreams and Visions Course!

  • Identify what your mother and father mean in your dreams.

  • Nightmares? Solutions in DAV.

  • Giving birth? Traveling in an airplane? Embracing a person you do not know? DO NOT PANIC! These dreams mean something.

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E-BOOK: Apostolic Foundation 
A handbook for the Apostolic FREE Course.

As God raises up His apostles to set the pattern straight for the church, perhaps you are struggling to find your place in this historic move of God. You know you are called, or perhaps suspect that you are called, but need to know where to go from here. Even the fact that you are reading this right now is a confirmation that the Lord has been leading you to this exact point in your life. Through both the anointing and the principles in this teaching you will either confirm or negate your calling.

If your calling is confirmed then:

  • You will be given the direction to your training.

  • You will discover what you are supposed to be doing

  • You will be able to know what phase of preparation you are in.

  • You will discover the price of having a apostolic calling.

  • You will get a clear track to run on.

  • You will see what an apostle is, what an apostle does to become such an apostle.

But this is only if your calling is confirmed. Not everyone with a desire to do the work of God is called to be an apostle. Jesus Christ Himself calls those He ordains to walk in this calling and it comes with a great responsibility. If you feel that stirring within that motivates you to take the next step in your call...then this teaching is that step.

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E-BOOK: Practical Prophetic Ministry
The handbook for the FREE Prophetic Course.
  • KNOW that you are called to be a prophet.

  • Know the gifts, receive the gifts, FLOW in the gifts

  • Prophecy with confidence. Preach Prophetically with Power!

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E-BOOK: The Way of the Prophet Series
Official Materials used by the GMR International Training College

  • Are you a Pastor?
    Learn how to handle "flaky" prophets and help them find their place in the Church

  • For all Husbands and Wives
    It your spouse a prophet? Help them in their calling and know what they are going through and facing. (You never know, this might be the key to solving your many marital conflicts!)

  • Parents, consider this...
    Children are not exempt for the prophetic and you as a parent can both identify their calling and help them through this difficult times.  

  • YOU!
    Life can be death
    as a Prophet!
    But you can find out the secrets to help change that and lead you to resurrection. 

  • Teachers
    End all the confusion on the prophetic ministry! Now you can provide answers others are wanting to hear!

  • Apostles
    Prophets have a very important part to play in the church. Find out how you are supposed to be setting them in place.

Here are just A FEW subjects covered in this series: 

  1. Signs of the Prophetic calling

  2. Seven ways to hear the voice of God (including angels)

  3. How to prophecy, bring an utterance and minister prophetically to individuals and groups.

  4. What makes prophetic music and worship a world apart!

  5. Prophetic Warfare : Angels and Demons from the prophets perspective.

  6. Prophetic ministry in marriage: What you need to know. What you need to do.

  7. The Prophetic Child: Identifying one and helping them through the intensity of their calling from a young age.



Five E-Book Series.

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E-BOOK: The Journey of Tamar
A Perfect Companion for the Way of Dreams and Visions e-book.

  • Soar with the mighty eagle...

  • Get intimate in the secret place...

  • Hold your breath at the Mount of Calvary...and cry...

  • As you look into the Mirror of Truth!

  • The Journey of The Ages has begun.



The Root

Turning into a hot flame, the Sword of the Spirit burned brightly, almost taunting the adversary that stood before them. Tamar wished that she had the same confidence that her Sword had. She may have looked like a warrior, but on the inside she felt fear come over her as she looked at this beast. She could not quite define its shape at first, because it just seemed to be a huge mass of darkness.

Stepping back to try and assess it, she saw that it was indeed a tree of sorts. Its body was made out of what looked like the trunk of a tree, and it moved using what would have been the tree’s roots. What she assumed was its arms were black branches that were bare and sharp. It was wrapped over with the same kind of vines that she had fought her way through to this point, and it had many eyes that looked at her from the top part of the tree trunk.

She could also make out a jagged opening in the trunk, which she guessed was its mouth. Hissing at her, the creature began to close in on Tamar. She did not know what to do! She began backing off, trying to figure out a way out of this. The man that she had helped out had taken off running, and before she could say anything he had fought his way past the vines along the road and had disappeared.

“So much for gratitude,” Tamar said to herself in disbelief.

Facing the creature again she held her Sword up high above her head, facing in its direction. The creature stopped approaching her, showing visible fear of the fire of the Sword.

“So it is afraid of the fire,” Tamar thought to herself, now knowing what she could fight with. Yet before she could lunge forward and set the creature alight, it began to speak to her...

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