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Dream Interpretation Made Simple

The Way of Dreams and Visions Workshop
The Way of Dreams and Visions Workshop
The Way of Dreams & Visions (E-Book)
The Way of Dreams & Visions (E-Book)
The Journey of Tamar  - Allegory of the Prophet (E-Book)
The Journey of Tamar - Allegory of the Prophet (E-Book)
The Way of Dreams & Visions (MP3 CD)
The Way of Dreams & Visions (MP3 CD)

The Way of Dreams and Visions - Understanding your Christian Dreams

Did you know there is a deeper meaning to your dreams as a Christian?

I want you to keep this question in mind as I take you on a journey to blow your mind, and reveal to you the hidden meaning as to why God gave us the ability to dream.

You see, when you sleep you become defenseless. Now, that sounds kind of bad, but throughout the day there is normally so much coming at you that you never get a chance to relax, to just feel, or think, and you put up defences to keep the stress at bay.

The only problem with that though, is you end up shutting the Lord out too, but when you go to sleep at night your mind rests and everything you had pushed aside comes to the forefront.

Everything you bottled up inside of you, and pushed down into your spirit comes up, and all those defenses you put up through the day to deal with the stress or anger and frustration are removed, meaning - the Lord can actually get through to you. And so, you begin to dream.

Your dreams, are a secret message from the Lord to you, and to you alone. He sends you love letters, directions and even convictions in your sleep so that nothing can disrupt the message He has for you.

There is More Than one Way to Dream.

In the book "The Way of Dreams and Visions" by Colette Toach, we discover that there are different categories of dreams. She takes you by the hand and explains to you how to tell the difference between internal and internal prophetic dreams that tell you whats going on inside of your spirit and where the Lord wants you go.

As well as the difference between a purging dream (where your mind replays the day's events and purges all the emotions you pushed to the side), and a healing dream where you experience a hurt from the past, but with a positive outcome, and you will wake up feeling like that hurt is no more.

There is so much more I can tell you, but I wont't because the author (Colette Toach) of the book already explains it better that I can. If you want more details on these categories, then I suggest you check out the book on our bookshop or on Amazon and Kindle.

When you come to understand that there is more than one way to dream, you begin to realize that there is really so much more to your times of rest than you thought.

God has given us the ability to learn and understand His language of dreams, so that He may show us His love and give us His undivided attention. God is calling out to you. Will you take up the call and learn to listen for His voice in your dreams?

Your Dreams are Symbolic

Knowing that there are different ways to dream has already opened up the playing filed at a whole new level, but I want to take it even one step further!

Everything that happens in your dreams is symbolic. People you know, will not be the same in your dreams, instead they will speak about a different part of yourself. Animals and objects will represent a responsibility, belief or conviction you are holding onto. While automobiles and houses/places will represent your ministry or an aspect/time of your life.

There is so much symbolism in your dreams that the Lord will use to help you interpret the message in your dream. He will use character specific symbols that are familiar and personal to you, and He will use universal symbols that can be found in the word of God to get through to you.

Again, Colette speaks about interpreting your dreams and understanding the interpretation in her book (The Way of Dreams and Visions), so I will not go into detail, but I want you to see just how special your messages are, and how much the Lord want to share His love with you.

God customizes your dreams for you alone. Each person's dream will mean something else from person to person. If one person has a good relationship with their father, he will represent the Lord in their dreams, while another person will have a bad relationship with their father and he will represent their anger, bitterness, flesh or even their hurts.

You see? Each dream is very unique and special.

Time to Understand your Dreams... With Help!

Now, I have told you a lot of really interesting information that has changed your view of dreams, but I don't want to just dump all of this information on you and leave you to figure it out alone, no. Rather, I want to help you put this information to use, and help you find the answers.

As a trainer in Apostolic Movement International's Prophetic School, it is my heart's desire that everyone learns to hear the voice of the Lord for themselves and deepen their relationship with Him, in fact, I am always deepening my relationship with Him on daily basis because just when I think I understand the Lord, He changes things up on me, and I discover a whole new aspect to Him!

Anyway, I got a bit sidetracked there. I want to help you come into that relationship with the Lord and take it deeper than ever. That being said, you have heard me rant and rave about The Way of Dreams and Visions book, and that is your first step to understanding these messages. The second step (if you think you are ready for it) is to check out our Prophetic School, and enroll in the "Way of Dreams and Visions" course.

When you enroll as a student in any of our schools, you are given a personal trainer that will help push the points you learn in your lessons home, and they make sure you the practical projects come alive inside of you.

I encourage you to check out the book here:
Bookshop: www.ami-bookshop.com/index.php?Product=6
Amazon: www.amazon.com/

Or if you are ready for the challenge, check out Apostolic Movement International's Prophetic School here: www.prophetic-school.com

So, back to my first question, "Do you know there is a deeper meaning to your dreams as a Christian?"

I hope your answer is yes, and that you are ready to take up the challenge to understand your dreams even more than before!



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